Of Fields and Springtime
Of Daydreams and Springtime
Conversation in a Field
Black Velvet and a Song Triptych
Black Velvet and a Song I
Black Velvet and a Song II
Black Velvet and a Song III
Measurements and Merit
Carried in My Heart
Face Your Fears I
Face Your Fears II
Face Your Fears III
Boro II: Precious Fabric
Boro I: The Farmer's Jacket
Hidden Tiger
Morning Tea at Gion Hatanaka
Solving Problems Over Tea
Comfort Pot
Silk Curtains
Floating Shift
A Visit Home
An Octave Higher
Ramen Bowl
Remained in Love
Playing in the Rain
Every Storyteller Knows
Secret Love in a Beehive Kiln
Places in a Heart
The Wind at my Back
Ever Winding
I'll Keep it For You
Stone Temple Silence
The Quiet Drift of Petals
Hudson Valley Ferry Ride
Summer of Smoke 1
Summer of Smoke 2
Give My Heart Ease
Summer of Smoke 3
Summer of Smoke 4
Summer of Smoke 5
Summer of Smoke 6
Of Space and Personality
6 pm, April
Early Spring Coulee
Quarry Wind
A Bushel and a Peck
The Gift of Rain
Prayer Flags
North 22
Ploughing Through
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